Still life II – Pears, 2016

Oil on canvas, polystyrene home-wares

From ‘Conversation Through Fruit’ series.

This series of representational paintings and sculpture aims to initiate a dialogue with the viewer between the real and unreal and to focus awareness of the mind’s eye and learned reality.  Different mediums are employed to draw attention to the way we celebrate life by re-creating it in all manner of representations so that we may see and savour its positive psychological impact and aesthetic beauty.

Grenade and Carambola

Grenade and Carambola, 2016

Oil on canvas board


15.3% : the average gender pay gap in Australia, 2019

Acrylic on canvas

Each shape depicts 15.3% of the area of the canvas. It serves to demonstrate the significance of this unacceptable proportion and celebrate progress toward equity to date. The colours and their symbolic meaning as used by the the suffragette movement and contemporary womens rights movement  feature.